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Domain Services

Domain Name Registration

A Domain Name, also known as a "web address" or a "URL" is a vital part of your planning, when developing your website.

It is important to register this name to yourself or your company as soon as possible, as more websites are being created it is becoming more difficult to have the domain name of your choice. The most common ones are .com and .co.uk.

Love Web Design can check to see if your domain name is already taken, we can assist with considering alternatives. You may find that a descriptive domain name works better, for example secondhandkidsclothes.co.uk would be a better description for a second hand childrens clothes shop than Joe Bloggs Limited. It would also be easier to remember and clearly describes the nature of the business.

Domain Name Recovery

We can help with recovering your domain name when you no longer have the passwords, have lost the original details or someone unscrupulous has not registered your domain in your name! If this is something that you would like to explore, please contact us for a free informal discussion. We can also help with transferring your domain name from one web host to another should you require us to.

Domain Name Prices

  • .CO.UK Domains
    £30.00 per 2 years
  • .COM Domains
    £25.00 per year
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    01424 863848